Amelia Earhart | A Woman’s Place in Science

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This is the link to another in my series of practice passages for SAT Reading. The passages are longer than a typical SAT Passage because most students need practice with vocabulary and reading stamina. A longer passage will help with this. The passage also includes a vocabulary list with contextual definitions and 9 multiple choice questions.

Download this SAT Practice Reading Passage based on Amelia Earhart's speech "A Woman's Place in Science."

Who is Amelia Earhart

What do you mean you never heard of her! She was only one of the most daring, forward thinking, and independent women of the 1930s. Well, she was most famous for that, but if you look into history there were many fierce and independent women. She gained fame as the first woman passenger on non-stop trans-Atlantic flight. But, she became a superstar after she was the first woman to pilot a non-stop trans-Atlantic flight in 1932. Tragically, in 1937 she and her plane disappeared while she was attempting to fly around the world. It is believed that the plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean near Howland Island. There have been many rumors about her disappearance. The fact that there is no definitive proof of what happened helps to maintain her fame.

A Woman’s Place in Science

Earhart delivered this speech, A Woman’s Place in Science, over the radio on January 1, 1935. In the speech Earhart emphasized the great impact that technological and scientific innovation has had on the lives ow women, and encouraged women to become involved in science, aviation in particular.

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