Path to a perfect SAT Reading Score

Students come to me in one of two situations.

1. They need to take the SAT but are overwhelmed with the prep options. They don’t know where to begin because they are worried about wasting time and money on things that just don’t work.

2. They have prepared on their own, with classes, and even with tutors, but are stuck with an unsatisfactory score. Everyone has told them to just accept it.

But they want to be and do better.

Both of these types of students are looking to raise their reading scores to have the best options when it comes to College applications. They are frustrated by the lack of guidance in books and online related to the SAT Reading section.

They feel overwhelmed and unimpressed by the suggestion to “just read more.”

I understand. I have been working with international students from around the world since 2001. In that time, I have discovered the specific problems faced by international students and have developed systems and plans for raising reading scores. I give students confidence in their reading skills and ultimately help them gain entrance to top American including Harvard, Brown, Princeton, Emory, Duke, Columbia, and Stanford.

I can help

Imagine going into the SAT feeling confident and prepared. Imagine leaving the test without doubts about how you did. Imagine improving your reading skills and completing your homework faster. Imagine impressing admissions officers with your top Reading score and standing apart from other applicants. I have helped hundreds of students do this and I can help you too.

Path to a Perfect SAT score

International Tester Programs

1. Raise your Reading score

Weekly or biweekly lessons in reading skills and SAT targeted lessons to overcome your SAT reading weaknesses. Homework and reading assignments to solidify your knowledge, practice skills and gain confidence

2. Path to a Perfect Score

Some students are intent on getting perfect on the Reading and Writing sections of the test. This program will guide you through all aspects of reading and will require a significant amount of daily reading to gain the consistency needed to score  perfectly on the SAT Reading test.

3. Raise my Reading score Junior

If you are in grades 6-9 and not quite ready for the SAT, but you know that Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension are your weaknesses, this is the program for you. Students are guided through Vocabulary techniques and reading skills in class and are given weekly reading goals to practice and improve their skills.

4. Test Review

Sometimes students just want a little more explanation for why the right answers are right and the wrong answers are wrong and some guidance about their weaknesses. I do have individual classes in which we can go over your practice tests and identify your errors and discuss ways to improve your skills and understand the test a little better.

See what my former students have to say

I had the pleasure of learning from Michelle and improving my English skills through her online tutoring services. Her expertise in English, grammar, communication, editing and the SAT is evident in her thoughtful lessons, which are not only comprehensive but also tailored to her client’s needs. Michelle always provide clarity on tricky topics and articulate nuances in English. R. KIM, UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO

I just want to thank you sincerely for always listening to my complaints about how much I hate SAT and school and at the same time teaching most of what I know today. I honestly think that if it wasn’t for you there helping me every step of the way, I wouldn’t have been able to get up to where I am nowH. MOON, EMORY UNIVERSITY

Thanks so much for your remarkable explanation on this topic. I really, like many others, have a difficulty in reading. A. REFAAT

I cannot stress how thankful I am to have discovered, and it has been an immense help. J. Pietras

I found your SAT literature guide super helpful. I think reading it the night before helped me achieve my 36 on the Reading portion of the ACT. C. KNAPP

Applying to have Online classes

1. Fill out our application form (above beside International Tester Programs) with details about your current scores, goals, programs and materials that you have used, and how much time you have to dedicate to the process, and your time availability for online classes.  (your email address won’t be used for other purposes)

2. I will go over your application and respond in 24-48 hours with some options and suggestions about what I can help you with and suggestions for what you can do on your own.

3. If you are interested in online classes, we will create a schedule and a lesson plan tailored to your needs and goals. Then you can decide to accept. change, or reject the plan.

What you need to have an online class

I prefer to use Google Hangouts to meet with students as I find it is more stable than SKYPE, but I can use SKYPE as well. A gmail account will make sharing documents easier. Students should have a strong internet connection and a device with a webcam, so that I can see your face. Online classes require a little more effort to pay attention because it is easier to get distracted without a teach in the room. If I can see your face, I can better judge whether you are understanding the lesson.


In general, my fees are $120 per hour, billed by the minute. What this means is if we have a class and we have completed all of the materials and the lesson for the day at 50 minutes, you will be billed for 50 minutes ($100). But if the topic take a little longer to complete, and we need 67 minutes, you will be charged for 67 minutes ($135). This is fair for both sides. I hate trying to fill in the last few minutes because you paid for them with fluff, and I don’t like cutting off a productive lesson just because we have hit the 1 hour mark. You will be provided with a full accounting of the time used after each class in a Google spreadsheet that you can check at any time.

Who is best suited for online classes?

These programs are designed for students who are serious about improving their reading scores and are willing to put in the time and effort to see that improvement. This is one of the reasons you need to apply to work with me and there isn’t just a “buy” button on this site. I don’t like wasting time and money on students who won’t make any effort. I can give you the tools and the benefits of my experience, but you need to do the regular work to see the best benefits.

The SAT reading score is the most difficult score to improve and it takes the longest because reading is a complex skill that takes time to improve. Starting early is the best way to ensure you are completely prepared to reach your desired score and gain entrance to your dream school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your classes so expensive?

I know that $120 is a lot of money. But you are not just getting the 1 hour of online time. You are also receiving homework assignments designed for your needs, a proven system for raising reading scores, and all the time I have spent over the last 18 years learning about how international students learn English and the special problems they encounter.

Why are your classes so much cheaper than those of other SAT Tutors?

Yes, I know that there are lots of other SAT tutors out there who charge $300 to $1000 per hour (and up!). I am not going to comment on the quality or effectiveness of these tutors because they are all individuals, and I don’t know them all personally. However, my pricing structure is what I feel comfortable charging for my time and experience. I feel I give good value and enable even lower income students the opportunity to have some time with me.

How will I know that this will work for me?

I am very careful about choosing who I work with. If you have unrealistic expectations (moving from 150 to 400 in 6 weeks) or I don’t think you have the time to do the required homework, I will give you suggestions about what you can do on your own, books you can use or other tutors who might be a better fit. My system is not for everyone and that’s okay. But for the students who have worked with my, I have never had a dissatisfied client. Every one had at a minimum a satisfying improvement and the majority have exceeded their own expectations.

What is an International Student?

International students can live anywhere in the world. They may have even had all of their schooling in America, but their home language is usually not English. Because of this they have had less exposure to English books, movies, TV, and culture than some Native speakers. This makes some of the nuances of English more difficult for international students.

What materials do you use to teach classes?

I have written my own materials. Also, I use released SAT tests from the College Board because these are the most consistent . We can also use Erica Meltzer’s Reading and Writing books as these are of the highest quality. However, they can be dense and difficult for some students to understand on their own.

If you are interested in getting advice on SAT tutoring or would just like some advice on how to self-study, please fill out the form below

Teacher Michelle of International Tester

I started teaching reading skills as a teenager who did a year of co-op teaching working at an elementary school. From that experience, I learned some techniques for teaching reading and identifying reading difficulties. Later while owning a bookstore, I volunteered with a literacy program that helped illiterate people gain reading and writing skills. From this experience, I came to understand the difficulties and inconsistencies of English.

Later, when I moved to South Korea to teach ESL (and ultimately the SAT), I took a deep dive into the structure of English. I discovered how international students are taught and how this leads to difficulties with tests like the SAT and ACT. I had hundreds of driven and intelligent students who just couldn’t get past certain thresholds on the test.

Back in Canada I continued to teach reading and writing for the SAT. I discovered the types of skills students need and how these tests can be extra difficult for international students. Over the past 5 years, I have developed my own materials and systems for helping students raise their reading scores. Students also gain mastery of English reading allowing them to complete their homework more efficiently and excel at top universities.

Raise your Reading Score

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