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SAT Reading lists are a missing component to your study plan. Tutors tell students to read more. But the choices are endless, and nobody wants to waste time with ineffective materials. Below you will find lists that have been curated to give you 1 article a day for 5 days. There are also guided reading questions and a vocabulary list with context based definitions.

Week 1 SAT Reading List


WEEK 1 GoogleSlides

SAT Reading List practice passages week 1 cover
SAT reading practice article Venus was once more Earth Like
SAT Reading Practice Article Softer Diets allowed early humans to pronoun f and v sounds
SAT reading practice article When our Gaze is a physical Force
SAT reading practice speech The Perils of Indifference by Elie Wiesel
SAT Reading practice short story The Cactus by O Henry

WEEK 2 SAT Reading List


WEEK 2 GoogleSlides

The best way to improve SAT reading skills is through practice with SAT reading lists. However, students often get stuck trying to decide what they should read and how to know whether they read accurately?

This SAT Reading List of articles, speeches, and short story has been selected to painlessly provide students with a set of 5 reading articles supported by a context based vocabulary list with definitions and guiding reading questions. There is also an answer key to allow students to check for themselves how accurate their reading was.

Science Article: Will Climate change make animals darker–or lighter? by Sam Kean

Science Article: Are Monarchs Endangered? Scientists debate as United States mulls protection by Elizabeth Pennisi

Social Science Article: What is the Laziness Lie? A Social Scientist explains by Devon Price, PhD

History Passage: The Four Freedoms Speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jan. 6, 1941

Literature Selection: Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

The goals of these practice materials are to

  • Identify Vocabulary deficits
  • Improve identification of Main ideas and main points
  • Check for Comprehension errors
  • Build knowledge
sat reading practice week 2 cover
SAT reading practice passage will climate change make animals darker or lighter
SAT reading practice passages Are monarchs endangered
SAT reading practice What is the laziness lie
SAT reading practice speech The Four freedoms speech by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
SAT Reading Practice Short Story Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

WEEK 3 SAT Reading List

This week’s SAT Reading List includes information about how successful people sue their time in ways that are different from the rest of us. You can get the FREE pdf version through this link or the paid (99 cents) version on TPT through this link.

SAT reading practice week 3 articles
SAT Reading Practice Article on Plant mimicry
SAT reading practice on the Andromeda Galaxy
SAT Reading Practice  on How successful people manage their time
SAT reading practice speech Chief Red Cloud: The Great Spirit made us both
SAT Reading practice short Story: A Wagner matinee by Willa Cather

SAT Reading List WEEK 4


WEEK 4 GoogleSlides on TPT

SAT articles for reading practice week 4 cover
Excess Protein led to dog domestication  reading help for SAT
A Blue Clue
7 things interesting people have in common a social science article
Frederick Douglass: My Bondage and My Freedom SAT Reading practice excerpt
James Thurber's The Catbird Seat practice reading for the SAT

SAT Reading Week 5

Week 5 PDF

Week 5 GoogleSlides

What Antarctic Meteorites tell us about Earth's Origin SAT practice reading
How the Suburbs could help save Biodiversity Practice Reading
Parental restrictions on Tech have little effect in Adulthood SAT Reading Practice article
A&P by John Updike SAT Reading Practice Short Story
Eleanor Roosevelt The Struggle for Human Rights Practice Reading

SAT Reading Week 6

Week 6 PDF

Week 6 GoogleSlides

SAT Reading Practice Week 7

Week 7 PDF

Week 7 Google Slides

Cover for Week 7 SAT reading practice articles

SAT Reading Practice Week 8


WEEK 8 GoogleSlides

Are phages overlooked moderators of health and disease
Scientists develop a new theory about moon formation
Social science article about people not knowing when to stop talking in a conversation
Cover for SAT reading practice package of 5 articles with vocabulary and reading comprehension questions
Etkar Karat What of this Goldfish would you wish short story with vocabulary list and reading questions
Patrick Henry Give me Liberty or Give me death speech with vocabulary list and reading questions

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