SAT Reading Practice Passage: Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice: The First Proposal

Are looking for more practice passages for SAT Reading? I have just uploaded another FREE passage with SAT style reading questions.

What’s included?

A vocabulary list with definitions, a full excerpt from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, 14 SAT style reading questions and an answer key are in the pdf. This package can be downloaded for FREE from You don’t need to be a teacher, but you do need to register for a free account.

Why should I download it?

The only way to improve your reading skills is to practice, practice, practice. You don’t need to only read SAT material, but it should be the type of materials the College Board uses on the test. SAT reading practice will also help you with the other sections of the test as reading is a key skill in all of the sections.

What other SAT Reading passages do you have?

My Teacherspayteachers store has several other FREE SAT Reading practice passages you can use for SAT test prep. There are currently Literature (Fiction) and Global Conversation (History) passages, but I am working on producing some Science passages.

Cover for SAT Reading practice passage for Pride and Prejudice, downloadable for free from
International Tester’s SAT Reading Practice package for Pride and Prejudice

Why are all of your SAT reading practice passages old?

I use literature and speeches from older sources because they are in the public domain and I don’t need to obtain permission or pay for them. Additionally, old fashioned writing and vocabulary are major stumbling blocks for students. Consequently, if you practice more with older materials, you will find the SAT reading section easier to manage.

If you use these materials

One problem, I keep running into is that I have very few reviews on both my books and my practice materials. So many students are doubtful and don’t take advantage. It is incredibly helpful if you leave positive feedback and reviews on the websites where you download my books, so that others can believe that I am providing quality assistance.

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