Emmaline Pankhurst | November 13, 1913

Let’s try something new to improve your SAT Reading score with Emmaline Pankhurst’s 1913 speech in Hartford, Connecticut. Below you will find a PDF download of a speech by Emmaline Pankhurst along with a vocabulary list with definitions. Read the speech and take notes, identifying the main points. Then watch my walk-through of the passage and explanation of the ideas you should have picked up on.

Frequently when I work with private students we spend some time reading passages and identifying the key points. This is useful because it helps identify problems in vocabulary and cultural knowledge that play a big part in overall comprehension.

Below is the link to the Loom video. In the future I will decide whether to put these on Youtube and figure out how to embed the videos. But done is better than perfect right now.


This was my first shot at recording a lecture like this, and I have discovered that my microphone picks up every siren in the neighborhood (even the ones that I don’t hear). I live beside 3 hospitals and a fire station, so there will be sirens in all of these videos unless I can magically find a quiet 20 minutes (don’t bet on it).

Emmaline Pankhurst. A speech given by Pankhurst given in 1913 in Hartford, Connecticut.

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