Daily Reading Practice for SAT Week 2

Let’s cut to the chase and give you your daily reading practice list..

In this week’s list are some easier Science articles, but more a longer History selection and a more challenging Short Story. But the most interesting article may be the Social Science selection.

This article is written by Devon Price, PhD, author of Laziness does not Exist. This book examines the messages society gives us about our inherent laziness. It will make you think about your own habits and how working harder isn’t necessarily the best choice for your mental and physical health.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt with the title "Four Freedoms Speech." Linking to a collection of 5 articles for SAT reading practice.

This week’s History Selection is a speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was giving the State of the Union Address on January 6, 1941 when America was attempting to remain uninvolved with World War 2. Don’t be daunted by the speech’s length because the language is straightforward.

Ballerina in mid jump is the cover to a series of SAT reading practice including Harrison Bergeron

Your short story for this week is one of my favorites. “Harrison Bergeron” is set in a dystopian future when society has managed to create equality. Or has it? This short story will make you think about the complexities of society and how equal isn’t always the same as equitable or fair.

A pair of rabbits is the cover for a link to a series of 5 SAT reading practice passages.
A child holds a monarch butterfly is the link to an article for an SAT reading practice passage

Both science passages this week focus on animals. However, animals are often the focus of the SAT science passages. So you should be familiar with topics such as classification, biodiversity, evolution, genetic engineering, and extinction.

As you improve your reading skills with regular practice, don’t forget to download my collection of free SAT Style passages with multiple choice questions. These passages will become paid products in mid February 2021.

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