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How do I improve my reading score?

This is the most common question I get. The answer is both simple and complicated.

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That’s simple right?

But what should I read? How much? How do I know that I understood what I read? What happens when I hit a vocabulary word that I don’t understand? How long will it take? How can I fit it in with all the other things I have to do? That’s complicated.

Let’s try something different

Instead of just leaving it up to you, I am going to give you 5 articles and short stories a week to read. In each post there will be two Science Articles, one Social Science article, one speech or historical document and one short story or excerpt from a novel. And all of these will be at the levelof the SAT reading.

Additionally, each post will have a vocabulary list with contextual definitions. That means the definition is related to the meaning as used in the article. Also there will be a few (less than 6) guiding questions to ensure you actually understand what you read.

What is the goal?

The purpose of these posts is the following

  • Identify vocabulary deficits
  • Train your brain to efficiently identify main ideas and main points
  • Check for misunderstanding
  • Build knowledge

Why are you just giving us free SAT Reading Practice Articles?

I’m tired. I have been doing this for 20 years and most, if not all of my students, improve and reach their goals, but it is a lot of work. Let’s see if we can make this more efficient by having a steady supply of clear guidance and make a difference in everyone’s SAT reading score and ultimately reading ability.

Come back every Tuesday for a new list

Each week, I will post a link to a PDF that looks like this…

Sample of SAT Reading Practice Article Question page
Sample Page from WEEK 1’s SAT Reading Practice Article

You can download it and use it to guide your reading. I suggest reading 1 article a day and competing the questions. It should take less than 20 minutes a day.

Week 1 set of SAT Reading Practice Articles

For week 1, I have assembled the following

  • SCIENCE ARTICLE: Venus was once more Earth-like
  • SCIENCE ARTICLE: Softer diets allowed early Humans to pronounce “f” and “v” sounds
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE ARTICLE: When our Gaze is a physical force
  • GLOBAL CONVERSATION: The Perils of Indifference by Elie Wiesel
  • LITERATURE: The Cactus by O. Henry

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