“But I hate Reading”

This statement prompts 1 of 2 reactions in me depending on how mean I am feeling that day.

Feeling kind and gentle: You just haven’t found what you enjoy reading yet. Have you tried Mystery…Science Fiction…Urban Fantasy…Romance…Horror? Let me give you a list of unputdownable books and short stores that will show you that you don’t hate to read. You just hate being forced to read material that you are not interested in. How can I help?

Feeling mean: So what? I hate paying bills, exercising, spending an hour on the subway to go to work every day, washing dishes, housework, accounting, not eating potato chips for dinner, and kicking student’s butts. But guess what? those are all things adults have to do to make their lives run smoothly. Now Buttercup, if you want to attend a university then you will need to READ!

Reading is a necessary skills that improves with practice. If you expect a top SAT Reading score, then you must read.
Reading in necessary

Reading is a Necessary Skill

The SAT is not some random hurdle you need to overcome to gain entrance to a magical world where no reading is required. Quite the opposite. The SAT Reading and Writing & Language section is a measuring stick to determine whether you have the ability to function in university and not waste thousands of dollars failing because you can’t keep up with the reading.

So get your head on straight. Whether you think you hate reading or love it…you are right. Those who maintain the mindset that they hate reading…it sucks…you can’t make me like it, are just making it more difficult on themselves. If you would like to break out of that mind set, see my advice when I’m feeling kind and gentle. You just haven’t found the kind of reading you like, so you can read more, so you can become a better reader, so that you can stop hating reading because it is hard. Rinse and Repeat.

If you want to read better, you must read more

The more you read the better you get at it, and the better you get at it, the more you will enjoy it. The more you enjoy it, the easier it gets, and the easier it gets, the more you will enjoy it.

There are no shortcuts. If there were, I would be a rich person who doesn’t have to get on the subway to go to work now. Apparently, I’m feeling a little mean today because the Toronto Transit Commission is making me take 2 subways and bus to work today.

Strong Readers all have a set of Basic skills.
Click here to learn the Basic Reading skills you must possess
Links to the Science Articles used in the SAT tests
Science Passages
Links to Social Science Articles used on SAT Reading tests
Social Science Passages
Links to Global Conversation Passages from SAT Reading Tests
Links to Global Conversation Passages

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