SAT Social Science Passages

If you find you struggle with reading the social science passages, you need to practice more with the topics and structures of social science writing. Below is a list of the social science passages from the 8 released SAT tests. I have also included links to the articles or books. By reading the unedited versions, you can get more practice with this style of writing.

Test 1

Money Can’t Buy Love: The Asymmetric beliefs about Gift Price and Feelings of appreciation

Francis J. Flynn and Gabrielle S. Adams, 2008

Test 2

Can Economics be Ethical?

Iain King, 2013

Test 3

Straphanger: Saving our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile

Taras Grescoe, 2012

Test 4

The Great Inversion and the Future of the American City

Alan Ehrenhalt, 2013

Test 5

Whole Food Blues: Why Organic Agriculture may not be so Sustainable

Bryan Walsh, 2012

Test 6

Public Trust in the News

Stephen Coleman, Scott Anthony, and David E. Morrison, 2009

Test 7

How Technology is Destroying Jobs

David Rotman, 2013

Test 8

Why Null results rarely see the Light of Day

Jeffrey Mervis, 2014


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