Be Prepared for Test Day

A problem that shouldn’t be a problem

Recently on Reddit, I read posts by a couple of students who had problems because they were at the wrong location and/or forgot their ID. If you are going to take your test at an unfamiliar location, become familiar with it. Phone the location during business hours and confirm the location and the exact building/room where the test will be given. If possible, visit the location, so you can get a sense of where you should park, what doors to enter, and exactly how long it will take to get there. Additionally, pack up everything you will need on test day and have it ready the night before.

Packing List for Test Day

  • #2 Pencils (Outside of the U.S. a #2 pencil is equivalent to an HB pencil, but you can also use a 2B pencil. The most important issue is that your pencil must make a dark black mark for the bubble sheet and the essay)
  • Excellent Eraser (You need an effective eraser to clearly remove mistakes on your bubble sheet)
  • Printed Copy of your ticket (Ensure that your name is correct and matches your ID. I print 2 copies and give one to someone who will be taking the test with me, or your driver, just as a back-up)
  • Photo ID (The College Board is trying to eliminate cheating and so if there is any doubt about you identity, they won’t allow you to take the test )
  • Analog Watch (Don’t trust anyone else with your time. There have been horror stories about lax proctors who make mistakes. With your own watch, I suggest setting the time to 9 am at the beginning of each section so you can tell at a glance how much time you have left without having to do any math.
  • Water and Food (Give yourself a boost mid test with a drink and some food)
  • Layered clothes (you won’t have control of the temperature, so dress in layers to remove or add as needed.
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