QAS April 2017 Answer Explanations

Answers are not enough

There are few things as frustrating as being told the answer is B, but not being given any explanation why. Why not C? My answers and explanations for the QAS April 2017 can help with this problem.

This problem is particularly difficult for International Students who might not be familiar with idioms, secondary definitions, cultural clues, or historical influence.

QAS April 2017 Reading and Writing

So you might be asking why the file has explanations for only the Reading and Writing sections. I am an expert in those sections, and I don’t teach Math. There are plenty of math experts who can help with the math, but far fewer experts in reading.

SAT Answer explanations for April 2017 QAS
April 2017 Answer Explanations

Limited number of copies

There is a limited number of copies of QAS April 2017 because the system I use to distribute costs be money and would be more expensive if I exceed my monthly allowance. If you click on the link and get rejected, email me directly at

If you found this helpful

If you found this helpful, please let me know, and it might spur me to make more for the other released QAS tests that are floating around the internet.

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