SAT Reading Practice: Tobermory

So a guy goes to a party where he teaches the host’s cat to speak. Yes, speak. Full sentences, coherent thought processes, and a sly understanding of innuendo.

This is Tobermory. Saki’s 1909 story about a talking cat and a group of people at a house party. This story is jammed with SAT level Vocabulary words. The Package below includes the text of the story and a vocabulary list of 57 advanced words with context based definitions.

You can download a FREE copy from the link below.

Cover of SAT Reading practice short story
Tobermory by SAKI

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What is different about this set of materials?

I am trying something new here. This set of materials includes 3 steps.

  1. The story with a vocabulary list and contextual definitions.
  2. The same story with notes that you can use to check your comprehension against.
  3. Multiple choice questions with an answer key.

By starting with reading and vocabulary comprehension, you will ensure you understand the story first. Then you can confirm your understanding with step 2. Finally you can test you abilities with step 3.

SAT Reading Practice

Too often SAT Reading practice is merely grinding passage after passage and question after question. But there is limited benefit to that. If you have base weaknesses in vocabulary or background knowledge, you are still just guessing. If you want a perfect score on SAT reading, you need to stop guessing and start knowing.

Use SAT Reading Practice: Tobermory to develop your reading skills. Learn the vocabulary you need, develop your ability to paraphrase, and pick up on subtle humor with this short story.

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