SAT Reading Practice: The Lumber Room

Have you ever bristled at the hypocrisy of adults? Have you been angered by their illogical attempts to control you? Then I would like to introduce you to Nicholas. Nicholas is a young man who doesn’t understand why adults only want to give orders and never believe children or even listen to them.

Nicholas is the main character of Saki’s (H.H. Munro) short story “The Lumber Room.” But I don’t want to give too much away about this story. First, if you want to read the whole text, it is available here.

The Lumber Room by SAKI

Alternatively, I have completed a Reading Practice passage with 12 SAT style questions and an answer key. You can purchase this package through my Teacherspayteachers store (Link in the picture below or download one of my other FREE packages. Links to some of my free materials can be found on the SAT Reading Resource Library

Cover of the SAT Practice Passage for The Lumber Room. An image of 4 iron keys hanging off a wooden wall.

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