SAT Test Prep Workbook

I have been working on a new tool to help with your test prep journey. I have created an SAT test prep workbook where you can identify errors and track your progress. To learn why you might need ANOTHER book, keep reading.

Front cover of International Tester's SAT Test Prep Workbook. White cover with Navy lettering and a stylized set of books.

The key tool you need to prepare for the SAT is a collection of College Board produced practice tests. The College Board has 10 released tests (labelled 1-10), 8 of which are available for free from the College Board website. These tests can be purchased in the Official SAT prep Book. Tests #2 and #4 were offered in the past, but were removed from the website, can be found in the dark corners of the internet and in the older version of the official study guide. Buying the book may be cheaper than the paper and ink it will take to print out the tests. Additionally, there are 2 PSATs that can be taken early in your prep to get a sense of these tests. These are gold and you don’t want to waste them.

Plan your practice tests

It is fine to take a couple of practice tests before you begin your prep to get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses. However, be careful. You want to save some of those tests for late in your preparation. A big mistake some students make is that they just run through 8 tests, see no improvement, and then are at a loss about what to practice with next. So, make a plan and space the tests out.

Taking the test is only 1/3 of the battle

Most students take a test, mark it, and stare at the numbers wondering why their score isn’t improving. The test is a tool and you need to use it to identify your error types, pinpoint your knowledge gaps, figure out your bad habits, and plan to overcome your weaknesses. If you tend to look at a question and answer and tell yourself “oh, yes, I meant to pick that one,” you are going to get stuck.

However, if you identify your errors, understand why you chose incorrectly, clarify why the right answer is right, and track your patterns, you can start to tackle your weaknesses and eliminate them. The key is consistency. Having a consistent strategy to examine your errors is vital. Consequently, I have created a book for you.

SAT Test Prep Workbook

In the book, I have outlined the steps you need to use to examine your tests. Listed and explained the question types so you can identify your errors patterns. The largest version of the book has room for 12 tests and 50% of the questions. There are specially designed pages for Reading/Writing questions and a different set for Math questions. Additionally, on each page is the list of question categories, so you don’t have to keep flipping back to remember what the questions are called.

This image contains a series of boxes containing prompts for the information they should identify about their SAT errors. Page taken from the SAT Test Prep Workbook.
A series of boxes and prompts to guide students to identify their errors and fix them. Page taken from the SAT Test Prep Workbook.

Where can I get this?

The SAT Test Prep Workbook is available as a physical book through You can also purchase it as a PDF through

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