Review: SAT Essay Start to Finish Video Course

This SAT Essay Course hits the Spot

Are you feeling lost about how to tackle the SAT essay? Did you get a disappointing and inexplicable score the last time you took the test? Are you wondering “just what is a persuasive device?”

I have a solution to your questions and confusion. Elizabeth Yoshida at has created a video series to take you step by step through the process of writing the SAT Essay. I went through the course over a couple of sessions and found the content informative and clear, the presentation visually appealing, and the system easy to use.

The videos in the series are long enough to give you everything you need but short enough that you won’t be tuning out. Additionally, there are downloadable pdfs to have in front of you while you are watching the lessons. These elements combine to make this course a barrier free learning experience for students who need clarity on how to approach the SAT Essay.

First, Mrs. Yoshida introduces you to the elements of the prompt and scoring that you need to know in order to satisfy the scorers. Then, she clearly explains the most common types of persuasive devices found on SAT Essay passages. Next, she visually demonstrates how to mark up the passage, identifying the persuasive elements. But most importantly, she guides students through the writing process to help them create a clear and well-organized analysis essay.

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