You are not the College Board’s client

There is a lot of fear and anxiety at this time of year when students are worried that their scores won’t arrive before the deadlines. However, remember that while you pay for SAT tests, you are not the client. The universities that use the SAT as a metric are. If the universities all decided tomorrow to drop the SAT requirement, the College Board would be out of business. So, ultimately the College Board doesn’t care about you and your scores. But the College Board does care about whether schools continue to ask for the SAT.

The universities know that you don’t have control over when the College Board releases scores and sends them. If the College Board delays scores for a large number of students, this will delay the admissions process for the universities. This will annoy the universities, something that the College Board doesn’t (shouldn’t) want to do.

If you are concerned that your scores will not arrive, email the schools you are applying to and inform them that the delay is being caused by the College Board. This puts the pressure back where it belongs.

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