Read all of the Answers and know why you are eliminating wrong choices.

Don’t assume the first answer you read is the right one, and don’t assume that A is wrong before you read all the choices.

If you find that you frequently eliminate the correct answer and then make a less than ideal choice from the lesser of 2 bad choices, you might be getting trapped by making assumptions.

One way to counteract this assumption is to read the answer choices in reverse, that is start with choice D and then C,B, and A.

Yes, use process of elimination, but you need to be certain about why you are eliminating an answer. Read all 4 choices before you start eliminating choices.

These are the most common way that wrong answers are created.

  • Opposite of what is stated in the passage (Contrary to Fact)
  • Extreme wording
  • Too Broad
  • Too Narrow
  • Off Topic
  • Wrong Part of the Passage

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