Timeline of Global Conversation Passages

As I have been working on my Global Conversation Book, I have compiled as many of the Global Conversation passages as I could find. Initially, this was so I could look for patterns in the choice of passages and themes/ideas presented, but it is also useful for students who are looking to do more practice with the types of texts in the Global Conversation category.

To efficiently use the links, download and save this pdf, Global Conversation Timeline  ,to your desktop.

GC Timeline page 1GC Timeline Page 2GC Timeline Page 3

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  1. RRReally appreciate for all the efforts you made! I feel so lucky to get access to your posts and books on the way to my first SAT in March! It is super helpful, with this timeline, to chew through the prior knowledge section and original writings. Thanks again! (I m from Shenzhen China BTW)

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