Get Ready for the May Test

Join me on Sundays in April to learn the key skills and strategies needed to improve your SAT Reading Score

Have you spend months (or years) preparing and practicing for the SAT and don’t see any real improvement in your Reading Score?

Are you looking for help but can’t afford an expensive private tutor?



When: April 3, 10, 17, 24 May 1 at 9 am-10 am EDT (I am located in Toronto, Canada)

How Much: $10 per week or $35 for all 5 weeks

Who: SAT students who are committed to raising their reading score

Why: Because you can raise your score with work and guidance

To Apply for this Class email me at

add “Get Ready for May Test” in the subject line.

Join me for 5 weeks to Raise your Reading Score

WEEK 1: Vocabulary and Reading Skills

You can raise your reading score, but first you need to know what you don’t already know. We will start by identifying your vocabulary deficits and reading weaknesses.

WEEK 2: TEST Structures and Question Types

You must have a clear understanding of the Passage Structures and Questions types so you can be strategic and understand why you make mistakes.

WEEK 3: Sentence and Passage Structures

You can improve your reading comprehension by learning how professional writers craft sentences and articles. You might even boost your Writing & Language score by better understanding the preferred style of SAT writing.

WEEK 4: Background Information

While the SAT is not a content test, knowing some key pieces of information can be a massive boost to your comprehension and speed. Learn the Science, Social Science and Historical events that are commonly discussed on the SAT.

WEEK 5: Test Strategy and Mindset

The SAT is a standardized test that has some tendencies you can use to improve your score. Manage your mindset to avoid panic and self-sabotage on test day.

Thank you! My final SAT score was a 1590 because of your help.

D. Kim

April SAT Reading 2022


Raise your Reading Score

Get step by step guidance to improve your SAT reading

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